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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

ON SLIGHT IMPERFECT SILK ~ Poem By Strider Marcus Jones


the poetry you painted on my ass

didn't have the gas

to pass

the flaws of time.

it was Jabberwocky language in a mask

sweet coffee in a flask

poured out in a line-

a dried out waterfall

of evaporated milk

sliding down a wall

on slight imperfect silk.

it happened

floated, then flattened

echoed out and down a well worn road

like a harvest cart pulling its load

of cut out memories

to fall and fade in muddied and greyed entries.

Copyright Strider Marcus Jones. 11th August, 2010. All Rights Reserved.


  1. The first few lines of this makes me chuckle. xx

  2. This is a very personal poem about me and my ex wife. My life love ~ or so I thought. I kept it to images ~ unexplained deliberately ~ so here is some background to each line:

    Line 1: she used to trace love words on my ass with her fingers.
    L...ine 2: gas as in oxygen to let love keep breathing and hot air which it turned into.
    Line 3: overcome.get through.
    Line 4: the influence of others, secrets of personality, adultery.
    Line 5: loves' words were reduced to meaningless sayings masking the affair.
    Line 6: loves' caffeine like nectar ~ flask ~ finite ~only so many cups then empty.
    Line 7: a line because love became predictable ~ no tangents.
    Lines 8 & 9: the waterfall is loves juices. the milk of motherhood..the end of lovemaking..putting material things before our children..leaving me as the single parent.
    Line 10: wall ~ her body and mind.
    Line 11: slight ~ silk ~ her once perfect skin now tainted.
    Lines 12 & 13: it happened ~ love, marriage, children, family life ~ her adultery.
    Line 14: was discovered, talked through, the choice made to continue the affair ~ a road many have walked down.
    Lines 15,16 & 17: I left ~ packed a rucksack with photos and poems ~ my harvest of family and love ~ It felt like pulling a cart ~ the tie came undone walking down a country track ~ they fell out into the mud and are "greyed entries" when I write about those times now.

  3. I hope my comment didn't offend you Marcus..I was only talking about the first couple of lines..I got a funny image when I first read them.xx

  4. Don't be daft..It made me laugh Paula! xx