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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

CALCULUS ~ Poem by Strider Marcus Jones


Darwin can't explain the missing link,

and science, did not invent the goal

of faith in how we think-

but Newton keeps us

sane to find the whole

gravity and reason for our role-

in calculus.

science beyond ours does exist,

in un-deciphered hieroglyphs

and alchemy's of metals

malleable like petals

on spaceships

crashed in Roswell, gone

to Area 51.

like Dedalus, who prayed too good

through Dublin's streets

of saints and sinners,

while whores exchanged their treats

for cash, from winners and beginners-

i walked towards the priesthood,

but woke up wet with wood.

i realised, Carlisle was right in saying:

no lie can live forever-

that the Gods we make together


don't care or intervene

in human fate and actions-

so Spinoza's God is seen,

in the orderly reactions

of the universe-

creating life, and waiting hearse-

but metaphors of doubt persist

on the road to armageddon,

for if physics shapes all of this-

what shapes these cloths of heaven?

Copyright Strider Marcus Jones. INSIDE OUT. 21st January, 2009. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I really do like the way this one flows. xx

  2. Lo Paula. Thankye Hun. Good to see you in my crypt..hahaha! xx

  3. I like it here! has a warm dark atmosphere. xx