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Friday, 13 August 2010

HERE I AM ~ New Poem Copyright By Strider Marcus Jones. All Rights Reserved


here i am

in some lost

where i'll be looking for you later

in the frost

of your cyan

that was equator

fabulously been

with a dram and cloves of evergreen

aromatic branches

roaming through your thoughts ranches-

not to turn the pigments and phonetics

of it back

or absorb blank ammunitions hits

defending your attack

of made up words

from stunning me like wading birds

stuck in your muddy vellum

of cerubellum-

no not for that

but just to mean

the wound is clean

of abstract probabilities

adorning geometric cities

Copyright Strider Marcus Jones. 13th August, 2010. All Rights Reserved.


  1. This one is different..I can't quite get the feel of it. xx

  2. Thankye Paula. I made "lost" a real place in the physical world instead of just a feeling to face its negative and know yourself so you come back more positive to face those "abstract probabilities" that remind you of it when you are out in the big city...the smells and sounds and old familiar places.xx

  3. Thanks for the explanation Marcus..I seem to be out of tune with the world this week..even my own name doesn't make any sense. xx