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Sunday, 22 August 2010

IT'S SO QUIET ~ Poem By Strider Marcus Jones.Copyright And All Rights Reserved. 22nd August, 2010.


it's so quiet

our eloquent words dying on a diet

of midnight toast

with Orwell's ghost-

looking so tubercular in a tweed jacket

pencilling notes on a lung black cigarette packet-

our Winston, wronged for a woman and sin

re-wrote history on scrolls thought down tubes

that came to him

in the Ministry Of Truth Of Fools

where conscience learns to lie within.

not like today

the smug-sly haves say and look away

so sure

there's nothing wrong with wanting more,

or drown their sorrows

downing bootleg gin

knowing tomorrows

truth is paper thin.

at home

in sensory


with tapped and tracked phone

the Thought Police arrest me

in the corridors of affection-

where dictators wear, red then blue, reversible coats

in collapsing houses, all self-made

and self-paid

smarmy scrotes-

now the Round Table

of real red politics

is only fable

on the pyre of ghostly heretics.

they are rubbing out

all the contusions

and solitary doubt,

with confusions

and illusions

through wired media

defined in their secret encyclopedia-

where summit and boardroom and conclave

engineer us from birth to grave.

like the birds,

i will have to eat

the firethorn

berries that ripen but sleep

to keep

the words

of revolution

alive and warm

this winter, with resolution

gathering us, to its lantern in the bleak,

to be reborn and speak.

Copyright Strider Marcus Jones. 22nd August, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

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©Strider Marcus Jones

Thursday, 19 August 2010


it's so quiet

our eloquent words dying on a diet

of midnight toast

with Orwell's ghost

Copyright Strider Marcus Jones 20th August, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Friday, 13 August 2010

HERE I AM ~ New Poem Copyright By Strider Marcus Jones. All Rights Reserved


here i am

in some lost

where i'll be looking for you later

in the frost

of your cyan

that was equator

fabulously been

with a dram and cloves of evergreen

aromatic branches

roaming through your thoughts ranches-

not to turn the pigments and phonetics

of it back

or absorb blank ammunitions hits

defending your attack

of made up words

from stunning me like wading birds

stuck in your muddy vellum

of cerubellum-

no not for that

but just to mean

the wound is clean

of abstract probabilities

adorning geometric cities

Copyright Strider Marcus Jones. 13th August, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

ON SLIGHT IMPERFECT SILK ~ Poem By Strider Marcus Jones


the poetry you painted on my ass

didn't have the gas

to pass

the flaws of time.

it was Jabberwocky language in a mask

sweet coffee in a flask

poured out in a line-

a dried out waterfall

of evaporated milk

sliding down a wall

on slight imperfect silk.

it happened

floated, then flattened

echoed out and down a well worn road

like a harvest cart pulling its load

of cut out memories

to fall and fade in muddied and greyed entries.

Copyright Strider Marcus Jones. 11th August, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

CALCULUS ~ Poem by Strider Marcus Jones


Darwin can't explain the missing link,

and science, did not invent the goal

of faith in how we think-

but Newton keeps us

sane to find the whole

gravity and reason for our role-

in calculus.

science beyond ours does exist,

in un-deciphered hieroglyphs

and alchemy's of metals

malleable like petals

on spaceships

crashed in Roswell, gone

to Area 51.

like Dedalus, who prayed too good

through Dublin's streets

of saints and sinners,

while whores exchanged their treats

for cash, from winners and beginners-

i walked towards the priesthood,

but woke up wet with wood.

i realised, Carlisle was right in saying:

no lie can live forever-

that the Gods we make together


don't care or intervene

in human fate and actions-

so Spinoza's God is seen,

in the orderly reactions

of the universe-

creating life, and waiting hearse-

but metaphors of doubt persist

on the road to armageddon,

for if physics shapes all of this-

what shapes these cloths of heaven?

Copyright Strider Marcus Jones. INSIDE OUT. 21st January, 2009. All Rights Reserved.

Monday, 9 August 2010

VELVET TANGERINE ~ Poem By Strider Marcus Jones

i was drinking tea with Dali

in an underworld cafe,

arguing down his table

on General Franco's hand-

when The Persistence Of Memory

that melts my pocket watch

made time less rigid-

so i fell with names and numbers

into old obsidian dreams-

where your long legs pointed

from six to twelve,

then nine to three

when you bent them-

for me to play and pleasure

each exotic segment

of your velvet tangerine.

Dali left the table

to meet Picasso in Paris,

while my benzedrine mind replaced-

the soft and spent infinity of your face.

Copyright Strider Marcus Jones from INSIDE OUT 2009. All Rights Reserved.

MAVERICKS ~ Poem Copyright Strider Marcus Jones 2009 MAVERICKS. All Rights Reserved.


you taste of cinnamon and fish

when you wish

to be romantic-

and the ciphers of our thoughts

make ringlets with their noughts

immersed in magic-

like mithril mail around me

stove dark forest, pink flesh sea

touchings tantric-

make reality and myths

converge in elven riffs

of music, so we dance it-

symbols to the scenes

of conflict, mavericks in dreams

that now sit-

listening to these pots and kettles

blackening on the fire

of rhetoric and murderous mettles-

before we both retire

to our own script.

Copyright Strider Marcus Jones. 9th September, 2009. MAVERICKS. All Rights Reserved.